Allen Elishewitz Custom Knives

Allen Elishewitz is a multi award winning knife maker who has been practicing his craft since 1988. Allen’s fine arts, martial arts and military background all represent themselves in Allen’s knives. They are practical tools while at the same time stylish and artistic creations. Allen is a member of the Knifemakers Guild, he builds watches and is skilled in the art of Guilloche and is the first knifemaker to incorporate guilloche into the making of knives.

Previously Sold Knives by Allen Elishewitz

Allen Elishewitz Spatha
ElishewitzHoplite1 Allen Elishewitz Gordian Knot

Spatha, Bronze, LSCF, San Mai Damascus

Hoplite, Nichols Lizard Skin Damascus & Carbon Fiber

Gordian Knot, Damascus, Zirc & Ironwood

Allen Elishewitz Mini Jekyll Allen Elishewitz Mini Scout Allen Elishewitz Mini Saboteur

Mini Jekyll, Mokuti & M3

Mini Scout, Damascus, Mokuti & M3

Mini Saboteur, Damascus, Mokuti& CF

Allen Elishewitz Mini Spatha Allen Elishewitz Jekyll ZircoTi Marbeled CF
Allen Elishewitz Hyde ZircoTi LSCF

Mini Spatha, ZircoTi and CF

Jekyll, ZircoTi & Marbled CF

Hyde, ZircoTi and LSCF

Allen Elishewitz Damascus Tank Allen_Elishewitz_Necromonger_CarbonFiber
Allen Elishewitz Mokuti Zirc Mini Saboteur

Tank, Damascus & Ti

Necromonger, Carbon Fiber & Damascus

Mini Saboteur, Zirc & Mokuti

Allen Elishewitz_Tank_Damascus and CF
Allen_Elishewitz_Necromonger_StarfireDamascus Allen Elishewitz San Mai Kopis

Tank, Damascus Blade

Necromonger, Starfire Damascus

Kopis, San Mai blade

Allen Elishewitz_Black Dolphin_Black Pearl CF

Black Dolphin, Black pearl CF

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