Barry Davis - William Morris Design Folder Carving - Daniel Stephan

Status - Available

Price: $ 4500.... + shipping

This beauty comes from the lottery at the most recent Solvang Custom Knife Show. It is a Barry Davis folder featuring a bail lock, beautifully colored fossil walrus ivory carved by Daniel Stephan (Stephan, a fine knifemaker in his own right, creates one-of-a-kind art knives and his magnificent carving is the focal point and highlight of his knives, Stephan is a past winner of the Blade Shows prestigious Best Custom Knife award) in a William Morris* design. There are 14K gold spacers bordering the walrus ivory and the pins, the bail and thumb stud are also 14K gold, the drop point blade with Spanish notch is Barry's own 384 layer Twisted pattern Damascus and the bolsters are 144 layer nickel Damascus, the back spring and back rear of the blade are file worked in a modified rope pattern, the liners are file worked and there is a gold stop pin inside the frame. A fantastic piece of art from a multi award winning knife maker.

*William Morris (1834 -1896)was an English artist, poet, writer and textile designer who had significant influence on the worlds of art and literature. Morris helped establish the modern fantasy genre influencing famous writers such as J. R. Tolkien and he was a major factor in the revival of traditional textile arts and methods of production. His works are housed in many major collections and museums.

blade length: 2 1/2" ................... closed: 3 1/4" (without bail) .................... overall: 6 1/4" (with bail)

case/sheath: zippered pouch

Barry Davis Art Knife
Barry Davis Art Knife 2
Barry Davis Art Knife 3
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