Ben Shostle - Art Dagger

Status - Sold

This outstanding Art Knife is the creation of Master Engraver Ben Shostle. This Art Dagger features a beautiful Damascus blade, fossil mammoth handle that has been fluted and wire wrapped, the fittings, pommel and collar have been hot blued and the entire package is brought to the next level by the engraving and gold wire inlay all executed by by the Master himself Ben Shostle.

Ben Shostle, passed away in 2006, he was known for his unique use of a black matt finish to highlight his engraving. Primarily recognized as a fine gun engraver, he was the founder and former president of the FEGA. (Firearms Engraving Guild of America), he was also recognized as a maker of fine custom knives including this deluxe and fully engraved Art Dagger. This is one of, if not the best Art Dagger I have seen by Shostle, a great addition to any collection.

blade length: 8 3/4" ......................... handle (including guard): 5 1/2" ............................ overall: 14 1/4"

case/sheath: zippered case

Ben Shostle Dagger
Ben Shostle Dagger 2
Ben Shostle Dagger 3
Ben Shostle Dagger 4
Ben Shostle Dagger 6
Ben Shostle Dagger 5

Professional Photograph Below: Sharp By Coop

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