Bob Loveless Custom Knives

Bob Loveless is arguably the most influential and innovative knifemaker of modern times. He popularized the hollow ground drop point blade, the use of full tapered tangs and screw-type handle scale fasteners, he introduced 154CM steel and ATS-34 stainless steel to the knife making world and pioneered the use of Micarta as a handle material. Loveless made fighting knives and is considered by many as the first to make, what is known, as a "Tactical Knife". His knife designs embody the dictum "Form Follows Function", his work is a must in any serious modern custom knife collection.

Previously Sold Knives by Bob Loveless

Bob Loveless Bird Knife Bob Loveless 4.5in Stag Utility Bob Loveless 4in Stag Utility

Bird Knife, One Off

Utility, 4 1/2" Stag

Utility, 4" Stag

Bob Loveless Camp Knife Bob Loveless Ebony Drop Point Bob Loveless Micarta Drop Point

Camp Knife

Drop Point, Rag Micarta

Drop Point, Green Micarta

Bob Loveless Piker Bob Loveless Stag Chute Bob Loveless Stag City Knife



City Knife

Bob Loveless Stag Semi Skinner Bob Loveless Stag Drop Point Bob Loveless Straight Hunter

Semi Skinner

Drop Point

Straight Hunter

LovelessMiniWilderness LovelessDaggerRag1 Bob Loveless thin Utility

Mini Wilderness w/Ron Skaggs Engraving

Dagger w/Wilkerson Engraving

Thin Utility - Rare

LovelessMicartaDroppoint Bob Loveless Drop Point Stag Bob Loveless Utility Hunter

Drop Point, Micarta

Drop Point

Utility Hunter, Two Tone Micarta

Bob Loveless Stag Hideout Bob Loveless 3/4 Drop Point Hunter Bob Loveless Amber Stag Mini Wilderness

Hideout, Amber Stag

3/4 Drop Point Hunter, Japanese Market Model

Mini Wilderness, Amber Stag

Bob Loveless Stag Drop Point Bob Loveless 5in Micarta Utility DSC_0020

Drop Point, Stag

Utility, 5" Micarta, RWL marked

Semi Skinner, Stag

Bob Loveless Fisherman Loveless Wilkerson Dagger Bob Loveless Caper Finn

One-of Fisherman's Knife

Dagger, Wilkerson Engraving

Caper Finn, Lawndale, Micarta

Bob Loveless Ironwood Dagger Bob Loveless Stag Dagger Bob Loveless Amber Stag Semi Skinner

Dagger, Ironwood

Dagger, Stag

Semi Skinner, Amber Stag

Bob Loveless Improved Handle Drop Point Bob Loveless_Wilderness_Ron Skaggs_engraved Bob_Loveless_NYSpecial

Improved Handle Drop Point

Wilderness, Skaggs Engraving

NY Special

Bob Loveless Amber Stag Hideout Bob Loveless Dixon Fighter


Dixon Fighter

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