Bob Loveless - Drop Point Hunter

Status - Available

Price: $ 5500.... + shipping

Bob Loveless Custom Drop Point Hunter, the quintessential Loveless Knife. This is piece features outstanding stag scales with great coloring and perfect matching from side to side, Stainless fittings, a Riverside Logo, mirror finished blade of ATS 34 steel, tapered tang, red liners, lanyard hole and a Loveless sheath. This piece is in mint condition. This knife will make a great addition to any Loveless collection or, if you are like most Loveless collectors, you are always looking for a better example of each model, this piece offers an excellent opportunity to upgrade. Don't hesitate, this is the one!

Bob Loveless is arguably the most influential and innovative knifemaker of modern times. He popularized the hollow ground drop point blade, the use of full tapered tangs and screw-type handle scale fasteners, he introduced 154CM steel and ATS-34 stainless steel to the knife making world and pioneered the use of Micarta as a handle material. Loveless made fighting knives and is considered by many as the first to make, what is known, as a "Tactical Knife". His knife designs embody the dictum "Form Follows Function", his work is a must in any serious modern custom knife collection. Here is a link to a great article from Blade Magazine titled "The Legacy of Bob Loveless's Dropped Hunter "

blade length: 3 5/8" ..................................... handle: 4 1/2" ...................................... overall: 8 1/8"

case/sheath: Loveless sheath as pictured (the number on the sheath, 662, matches that on the knife but you will note that another number was covered up on the sheath. The story behind this is that the original owner got this direct from Bob, a delivery at his shop, but noticed the wrong number so Bob just covered it and wrote in the matching number. No matter, it is a correct Loveless stamped sheath.)

Bob Loveless_Drop Point_Stag
Bob Loveless_Drop Point_Stag 2
Bob Loveless_Drop Point_Stag 3
Bob Loveless_Drop Point_Stag 5
Bob Loveless_Drop Point_Stag 4
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