Bob Lum - Large Chinese Folder

Status - Sold

This Custom Large Chinese liner locking model is one of those classic designs so recognizable as a Bob Lum knife. This knife features a hand rubbed satin finished blade with a spydie hole opener, rare Carbon Fiber scales and a Carbon Fiber back spacer, the frame is Titanium with a satin finished edge, there is a lanyard hole and a Titanium pocket clip. This piece is pre-owned and in excellent condition, 98%. There are scuff marks on the pocket clip and very minor marks on the blade that can be seen when held at the right angle, the edge appears original, the action is smooth, lock-up and release is smooth, the blade is perfectly centered. I suspect this knife was carried and used for light tasks such as opening packages and little else. A beautiful knife and a must have for any serious Bob Lum collector plus, since it has been carried you can carry it to!

blade length: 3 3/4" ........................................ handle: 5" .......................................... overall: 8 3/4"

case/sheath: zippered pouch

Bob Lum Chinese
Bob Lum Chinese 2
Bob Lum Chinese 3
Bob Lum Chinese 4
Bob Lum Chinese 5
Bob Lum Chinese 6

As mentioned, this one is pre-owned with very minor marks on the blade so I wanted to include better pictures of the blades and, as you can see below, nothing shows under normal bright photographic lighting

Bob Lum Chinese 7
Bob Lum Chinese 8

Below is a better representation of what you can see with magnification and holding the light and the blade at just the right angles. This is why the price isn't $1000 higher.

Bob Lum Chinese blade 2 Bob Lum Chinese blade
Bob Lum Chinese blade 3
Bob Lum Chinese 9
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