Bob Terzuola Custom Knives

Bob is a long time player in the custom knife world having made knives since 1979. He started making fixed blades, for soldiers in Guatemala. In 1981 Bob moved to Santa Fe and started making folders. Realizing there was a need for knives that could be carried discreetly, he developed a model with a subdued look using black micarta for the scales and bead-blasted titanium bolsters. He is credited with coining the term “Tactical Knife”. The ATCF liner-locking folder was his first tactical folding knife. Bob has many models both subdued and “dressed” with higher end materials. Bob is a respected knife designer and writer and has collaborated with several knife production companies.

Previously Sold Knives by Bob Terzuola

Bob Terzuola ACTF Bob Terzuola One of Dagger Bob Terzuola Persian

ACTF, Mokume & Lightning Strike Carbon Fiber

One Of Dagger, Superconductor and LSCF

Persian, Meteorite and Mammoth

Bob Terzuola Mokuti Eagle Rock Bob Terzuola Athena
Bob Terzuola 3A

Eagle Rock, Mokuti & LSCF

Athena, Mokuti & Mammoth

3A, Marbled Carbon Fiber

Bob Terzuola Eagle Rock Bob Terzuola Starfighter Bob terzuola TTF 6

Eagle Rock, Blue G10

Starfighter, LSCF

TTF6, Stag & Damascus

Bob Terzuola Meteorite Athena Bob Terzuola ACTF
Bob Terzuola Athena

Athena, Meteorite, G10

ACTF, Titanium

Athena, Blue G10

Bob Terzuola Damascus Mammoth Eagle Rock Bob Terzuola Eagle Rock Flipper Bob Terzuola Meteorite Eagle Rock

Eagle Rock, Damascus, Mammoth, Silver Accents

Eagle Rock Flipper, Mokuti, CF & Silver accents

Eagle Rock, Meteorite

Bob Terzuola Mokuti Eagle Rock Bob Terzuola Ti ACTF Cecchini/Terzuola CT3 Collaboration

EagleRock, Mokume and Mammoth

ACTF, Titanium

Terzuola/Cecchini CT3 Collaboration

Bob Terzuola ACTF Superconducter and Carbon Fiber Bob Terzuola Mdl4 Baby item4b1b1b2b1

ACTF, Superconducter & CF

Model 4 "Baby", gold accents

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