Brian Chovanec - Tsunami

Status - Sold

This unique and beautiful work of art is from Brian Chovanec. This piece is "Tsunami", named after the Randy Haas Tsunami pattern Damascus used to create the blade of this very cool knife. This knife features a Randy Haas Tsunami pattern Damascus blade as mentioned previously with a composite grind and with fullers, other features of this knife are a hand carved stainless guard with copper and bronze inlays, a carved Ostrich bone handle with Black Lip Mother of Pearl inlays and 14 karat gold inlays, . Another beauty from this talented bladesmith.

Brian lives in Slovakia and is an Australian expat. This knife, as are all his works, are 100% handmade (handheld tools only), an original one of a kind with no repeats.

blade length: 8" ...................................... handle (including guard): 5" .................................. overall: 13"

case/sheath: wooden case, shape moulded and felt lined along with a certificate of authenticity AND the sheath is hand stitched leather with Crock hide inlay.

Brian Chovanec Tsunami
Brian Chovanec Tsunami 2
Brian Chovanec Tsunami 3
Brian Chovanec Tsunami 4 Brian Chovanec Tsunami 5

Presentation/Storage Case

Brian Chovanec Tsunami 7
Brian Chovanec Tsunami 6

Maker's Photos Below

Brian Chovanec Tusnami a
Brian Chovanec Tusnami b
Brian Chovanec Tusnami d
Brian Chovanec Tusnami c
Brian Chovanec Tusnami f
Brian Chovanec Tusnami g
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