Brian Tighe Custom Knives

Brain has been making knives for the past 20 years. He has an extensive background in the Tool and Die trade, a degree in metallurgy and expertise in design, construction and heat-treating. Brian specializes in folding knives, both tactical and art knives. He uses a combination of high tech materials with high tech styling. He is a multi award winning knife maker and his designs have been licensed for production by CRK&T.

Previously Sold Knives by Brian Tighe

Brian Tighe Coon Brian Tighe Breaker Brian Tighe Coon Splash Damasteel

Tighe Coon Button lock, Damasteel, Splash Ano

Tighe Breaker, Flipper, Sculpted Titanium

Tighe Coon Button lock, Damasteel, Splash Ano

Brian Tighe Coon Flipper Brian Tighe dagger Brian Tighe Tigher Stripes

Tighe Coon Button lock Flipper, Damasteel, Faux Ti Inlay

Dagger, Damasteel, Pau Shell Inlay

Tighe Breaker w/Tigher Stripes

Brian Tighe Coon BG42 Splash Brian Tighe Gold Silver Stripes Brian Tighe_Tighe Breaker_Damasteel_Splash Anodized

Tighe Coon, Splash Anodized

Tighe Breaker w/Gold and Silver Tigher Stripes

Tighe Breaker, Damasteel& Splash Ano

Brian Tighe_Borka Blades_Collab_Brown Ano Brian Tighe_Borka Blades_Collab_CF
Brian Tighe_Celtic Fighter

Tighe Borka Collab

Tighe Borka Collab

Celtic Fighter

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