Claudio Sobral (CAS)- Push Dagger

Status - Sold

CAS stands for Cuchilleria Artesanal Sobral (Sobral Custom Knives) and it also stands for Claudio & Ariel Sobral, the brothers behind CAS. This beauty is there Push Dagger featuring their own Damascus of 1095 and 15n20 steels, fantastic stag horn scales and Aisi 420 stainless steel liners which have been file worked. The knife is accompanied by both a sheath, made by Marcelo Sobral, and a stand.

At one time C.A.S. is how Claudio identified his knives with his own initials. When his brother Ariel joined him they decided to keep “C.A.S.” as it also meant “Claudio & Ariel Sobral” as well as “Cuchilleria Artesanal Sobral” (“Sobral Custom Knives”) feeling there is no better way of signing their knives. CAS is headquartered in Benos Aires.

blade length: 5" ............................ handle; 2 1/4' (height), 4" (width)......................... overall: 7 1/4"

case/sheath: Leather sheath with Damascus frog as shown plus wooden display and a zippered case

CAS_Push Dagger_Stag
CAS_Push Dagger_Stag 2
CAS_Push Dagger_Stag 3
CAS_Push Dagger_Stag 4
CAS_Push Dagger_Stag 5
CAS_Push Dagger_Stag 6

Beautiful handmade stand and a custom sheath which was made by Marcelo Sobral

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