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Larry Fuegen Hunter_Wenge Wood Ed Cope R33_Elec Blue Inlays
Scott Sawby Kittewake_MOP_Fire Agate
GTC Reduced Styx_FC
Tom Overeynder Gunstock Joe Mason Engraver Reese Bose_R1613_TX Toothpick
Bob Lum Hunter_Westie Micarta
Tom Overeynder Dagger_Split Tail_Black Lip Pearl
Les Voorhies Simplex_Ponzio Damasteel_Zirc_Damasteel
Bobkov and Pushkarev Hunter
Tom Overeynder_Gents_Ray Cover Jr_Engraving
Steve Rapp Push Dagger Jon Robyn Engraver
John Young_Deluxe Bowie
Eric Ochs Avant
Marfione Custom UTX85_Geisha
GTC Tanto_Jody Muller Dragon Engraving
Antonio Fogarizzu_Fixed Folder Slidelock
Barry Davis Art Knife
David Steier Little Wharnie_Crosshatch
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