Deryk Munroe Custom Knives

Deryk has been making knives for 15+ years. I first met him, and his lovely wife Jana, at one of the Eugene OR shows when he was specializing in Art Knives, and they were beautiful knives. However, more fitting to Deryk's lifestyle are the Tactical Knives and tools he now produces, when he is not traipsing off into the wilderness. Comments about his knives from Deryk on his website; "From the wilderness of Montana, to the summit of Denali, to Tikrit and Kandahar, our blades have served and endured in some of the harshest places on the planet. These environments demand evolution, and we have delivered. Our next-generation blade ware embodies this principle in simple, high-function designs, with durability and performance as primary objectives". Deryk's Trademark is - giving you the Evolutionary Edge™.

Previously Sold Knives by Deryk Munroe

munroe_chimera1 MunroeShamanProto MunroeShamanMKII


Shaman Prototype, Cracked Finish, Hunter Green G10

Mutant Shaman MK!!, Damasteel, Carbon Fiber

Deryk Munroe Sigil MunroeBasilisk1 munroeachron12 copy

Sigil, Nichols Lizard Skin Damascus, LSCF

Basilisk, Halloween G10

Archon Ltd Ed, Woodland G10, Moonglow, 6K

MunroeBasiliskB1 MunroeDewclaws MunroeGuardrail1

Basilisk, Ano Titanium & Woodland camo G10



MunroeShaman1_2 MunroeMutantStormcrow1 munroesojourn1_2

Shaman, 6K, Woodlands & Halloween G10

Mutant Stormcrow, Carbon Fiber & Moonglow

Sojourn, Halloween G10

munroetyphon1 munroewarbird12 copy MunroeStormcrow1


Warbird Ltd Ed, Woodland Camo & Black G10

Stormcrow, Woodlands G10

DerykMunroe_AnthonyMafione_Sigil_Damascus_Collaboration DerykMunroe_AnthonyMafione_Sigil_Engraved_Collaboration Deryk Munroe_Warg

Munroe/Marfione Sigil Collab with Cowry-X Damascus

Munroe/Marfione Sigil Collab with Mitch Moschetti Engraving


Deryk Munroe Ragnarock item4a1a item4a2a

Ragnarok II

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