Dirk Loots - Pirate Knife

Status - Available

Price: $ 2700.... + shipping

This is The Pirate Knife by Dirk Loots. This exceedingly Bad Ass Pirate Knife features a decorated copper d-guard frame handle bowie, the handle consists of a copper frame, copper spacers and is accented with Titanium liners and Titanium spacers that are anodized blue, the scales are blue stabilized Birds Eye Maple. The blade is a hot blued piece of layered steel, the outer layers are 12c27 stainless which sandwich a high carbon layer of 1095, this gives the blade the contrast of the blue and silver hamon like look. The knife is a takedown and no glue was used in the making of it. A copper habaki was carved from a single block of copper and is decorated with a skull on one side and crossed cutlasses on the other, there is a nickel silver accent on the spine and there is a Titanium spacer which is placed between the habaki and anodized blue. Not the type of knife I would normally acquire but I was drawn to it, it is undeniably cool and Bad Ass at the same time, I could not resist!

Dirk is an emigre from South Africa now proudly living in the US. Dirk, a member of the South African Knifemakers Guild, is in the process of joining the Knifemakers Guild here is the US. He makes a line of using knives but his love is the art pieces he produces. Besides being a knifemaker Dirk is also a professional photographer.

blade length: 9 1/4" ............................................handle: 5" ..................................... overall: 14 1/4"

case/sheath: Dirk Loots Custom pouch

Dirk Loots Pirate Knife
Dirk Loots Pirate Knife 2
Dirk Loots Pirate Knife 3
Dirk Loots Pirate Knife 4
Dirk Loots Pirate Knife 8
Dirk Loots Pirate Knife 7
Dirk Loots Pirate Knife 6
Dirk Loots Pirate Knife 5

Below is a picture taken by the maker before any patina formed (in case the new owner wants to clean it up and return it to this state)

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