Emmanuel Esposito - Pike

Status - Available

Price: $ 12,500... + shipping

Emmanuel Esposito is probably the most famous and sought after of all the Italian knifemakers. He is a member of the Italian Knife Makers Guild (“Corporazione Italiana Coltellinai”) and generally attends only a few shows each year and sells all his pieces via lottery and/or bid up. He does not accept new orders from other than his existing customer base and produces only a dozen or so knives each year. This is his Pike model. Emmanuel only makes a limited number of each of his models and always with variations between each one so that that every piece from him is unique. This knife features an amazingly detailed pattern of tiny diamond shaped pieces of Black Lip Pearl, the work done to achieve this level of intricacy is mind boggling! The blade on this piece is ATS 34 riding on a patented ball bearing pivot system, the frame is 416 SS, the lock is incorporated into the back bar. The fit and finish is second to none. This piece is new from the maker to me and has been in my personal collection until now. Here is an opportunity to acquire a unique piece from a young maker that is likely to rech the pantheon of the all time greats such as Ron Lake, Wolfgang Loerchner and Juergen Steinau.

blade length: 3 3/8" ........................................... closed: 4 1/2" ..................................... overall: 7 7/8"

case/sheath: Bill's Custom Case

Emmanuel Esposito Pike
Emmanuel Esposito Pike 2
Emmanuel Esposito Pike 3
Emmanuel Esposito Pike 4
Emmanuel Esposito Pike 6
Emmanuel Esposito Pike 7
Emmanuel Esposito Pike 5
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