Enrique Pena Custom Knives

Enrique’s interest in knives goes way back, he made his first knives when he was 13 years old using old files and a stone wheeled grinder that he put together himself. Enrique took a hiatus from making knives attending to other life events. In 2006 his interest was rekindled when he saw a custom knife that belonged to a friend, Armando Flores. Enrique asked Armando if he would teach him thaw to make such a knife, a single blade slip joint. Later he met Bill Ruple who helped him better his knife making skills and Rusty Preston also helped mentor Enrique. Enrique builds traditional slip joints and some lock backs, single and multi-blades and as of late tactical knives.

Previously Sold Knives by Enrique Pena

Enrique Pena 1123 Remington Enrique Pena Wharnie Trapper Enrique Pena Backpocket

Remington 1123, Stag

Trapper, Wharnie & Clip, Amber Jigged Bone

Backpocket, Amber Jigged Bone

Enrique Pena 2 Blade Swayback Enrique Pena Jigged Bone Stockman Enrique Pena 5 Blade Sowbelly

Swayback, Amber Stag

Stockman, Jigged Bone

5 Blade Sowbelly Prototype

Enrique Pena Slimline Trapper Enrique Pena Stockman Enrique Pena Stockman

Slim Trapper Prototype

Stockman, Honey Jigged Bone


Enrique Pena Trapper PenaWharnieTrapper PenaClipPointTrapper

Trapper, Jigged Bone

Trapper, Wharnie Blade, Amber Jigged Bone

Trapper, Amber Jigged Bone

Enrique Pena Ivory Stockman Enrique Pena Amber Stag Stockman Enrique Pena Saddlehorn


Stockman, Amber Stag


Enrique Pena Mammoth Trapper Enrique Pena Amber Stag Stockman Enrique Pena Gunstock

Trapper, Mammoth

Stockman, Amber Stag

Gunstock, Mammoth

Enrique Pena Mammoth Trapper Enrique Pena LSCF Backpocket
Enrique Pena Mammoth Wharnie Trapper

Trapper, Mammoth

Backpocket, LSCF

Trapper, Mammoth

Enrique Pena Diesel Ti and CF
Enrique Pena Electric Blue and Satin Diesel

Dirty Diesel, Ti & CF

Diesel, Damascus & CF

Diesel, Ti & Electric Blue CF

Enrique Pena_Diesel 4.5_Electric Blue
Enrique Pena_Diesel 4.5_SilverCF Enrique Pena_Lannys Clip_Electric Blue CF

Diesel 4.5, Ti & Electric Blue CF

Diesel 4.5, Silver LSCF

Lanny's Clip, Electric Blue CF

Enrique Pena_Talon_Titanium
Enrique Pena_Lannys Clip_Mokuti_Starfire Damascus
Enrique Pena_Stinger_Mokuti_Boomarang Damascus


Lanny's Clip, Mokuti & Starfire Damascus

Stinger, Mokuti & Boomarang Damascus

Enrique Pena_Native
Enrique Pena_Lannys clip_Flipper
Enrique Pena_Talon_Blue Ano

Native Zulu

Lanny's Clip Flipper


Enrique Pena Lannys Clip_Mokuti_Natural Micarta
Enrique Pena_Native Zulu_Green Micarta
Enrique Pena Barlow_Mokuti_Blasted Ti

Lanny's Clip

Native Zulu

Barlow, Mokuti & Blasted Ti

Enrique Pena Lannys_Mokuti_Damascus
Enrique Pena Deisel_Zurkuti_Elec Blue Cf
Enrique Pena_lannys Clip_Ti Bolster_Timascus Clip

Lanny's Flipper, Damascus & Mokuti

Deisel, Zurkuti & Elec Blue Carbon Fiber

Lanny's Flipper, Damascus, Ti Bolsters

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