Fiddle Foundry - Composite Fiddle Coin

Status - Sold

Steven Robbins is the man behind Fiddle Foundry which is known for Toys For Adults (Not Adult Toys). This is a Composite Fiddle Coin. Regarding Fiddle Coins, unlike worry coins, they have a bearing on one side which allows them to spin for as long as 10+ minutes on smooth surfaces. The top of the coins are colored C-tek and the bottoms Moon-glow, shine a light on the moon-glow and it captures light and these will shine in the dark, very cool! Fiddle Foundry Coins are most often 1.5" diameter (as this is) and are made with a differing natural and/or man-made center sections. The Multi-Colored Fiddle Coin pictured is made of Tellurium Copper, C-tek with shredded Aluminum (top) and Moon-glow (bottom).

Steven began making custom tops in 2013 for his own enjoyment and as others took notice he responded to demand. Other products soon followed. Most of Stevens creations are unique though he sometimes does several alike pieces in batches to satisfy demand. All items are individually crafted on a manual lathe. Fiddle Foundry's tag line: "TOYS FOR ADULTS (Not Adult Toys)"

Fiddle Coin_MultiColor
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