Combination Flintlock Knife-Pistol

Status - Sold

Weapons like this combination pistol-knife are often referred to as a "Cut n' Shoot". Cut n' Shoots originated in the 16th Century; German and French gunsmiths turned out hunting knives coupled to pistols, the idea being that a wild boar, wounded or cornered by hunting dogs, could be stuck with the blade then the gun would be fired. This Cut n' Shoot is very unusual and visually appealing. It is a small caliber smoothbore flintlock. The body of this piece appears to be brass or gilted bronze, it is highly decorated with file work and engraving, the fixtures are also highly decorated and carved, many parts, including the screws, are fire blued. I cannot identify the maker but the letters "BRE" and "CHI" are stamped on the top of the body above the breech. Cut n' Shoots from numerous makers are generally available at antique arms shows and auctions, modern pieces are hand crafted by artisan knifemakers such as Bruce Bump, Ron Newton, Wade Colter and Shane Taylor. The story from the individual who sold me this piece is that it is a copy of a Cut n' Shoot that resides in a castle armory somewhere in Europe and that it was likely made 30 or 40 years ago.

blade length: 3" ..................................... closed: 4 1/8" ................................... overall: 7 1/8"

Flintlock Pistol Knife
Flintlock Pistol Knife 2
Flintlock Pistol Knife 3
Flintlock Pistol Knife4

View of the Top

Flintlock Pistol Knife 5

View of the Bottom

Flintlock Pistol Knife 6

Looking Down the barrel

Flintlock Pistol Knife 7
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