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Bill Moran Push Dagger
Bill Moran Push Dagger


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Rick Genovese Gents Joe Mason engraver Ochs Worx Superconductor LSCF Coyote Hinderer XM18 Skinner Brown


Ochs Worx


Brian Nadeau 2 Tone Blade Typhoon Les George DLC Morph Talus Hinderer Blk Eklipse

Brian Nadeau

Les George


Brian Nadeau Drop Pt Gold Blu Typhoon Les George DLC Diamond Talus Hinderer XM18 Skinner Green
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Brian Nadeau

Les George


Brian Nadeau Blue Stripe Tanto Typhoon Les George Morph Talus Hinderer BlueBlk Eklipse

Brian Nadeau

Les George


Tore Fogarizzu Cleopatra engraved by Ray Cover Ken Steigerwalt & Joel Chamblin Collaboration Strider MSC Damascus SMF




Scott Sawby Murelette engraved by Lisa Tomlin Mike Zscherny Mammoth Trapper Marfione Custom Satin Matrix

-We are always looking to buy mint condition custom knives & custom knife collections. We are especially interested in acquiring knives by great makers such as those featured within this site. Please do not hesitate to contact us.


Mike Zscherny

Marfione Custom

Warren Osborne Rhinos engraved by Tim Adlam Jerry Fisk NLT Wedgie Steven Kelly Stars Strips Lightspeed


Jerry Fisk

Steven Kelly

Jack Busfield Frogs engraving by Jon Robyn Mike Zscherny Wharncliff Trapper Bob Terzuola Ti ACTF


Mike Zscherny

Bob Terzuola

Bob Loveless Stag Dagger Bret Dowell Stag Trapper Strider MSC Nightmare SMF
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Bob Loveless

Bret Dowell

Strider MSC SMF

Bob Loveless Amber Stag Semi Skinner Enrique Pena LSCF Backpocket Rick Hinderer 3in XM18 Translucent

Bob Loveless

Enrique Pena

Rick Hinderer

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Knifeology features Fine Custom Knives, Engraved Custom Knives, Folders, Tactical Knives, Fixed Blade Knives, Handmade Custom Knives, Art Knives, Bowies, custom knives, engraved knives, fixed blades, custom folders and tactical knives from the best makers, artists & engravers such as; Jens Anso,Neil Blackwood, Phil Boguszewski, Tony Bose, Reese Bose, Michael Burch, Burchtree Bladeworks, Dan Burke, Jack Busfield, Kit Carson, Joel Chamblin, John Nelson Cooper, Ray Cover Jr, Peter Carey, Barry Davis, Harvey Dean, Jack Davenport, Terry Davis, Bret Dowell, Allen Elishewitz, Kaj Embretsen, Emerson, Jerry Fisk, Tore Fogarizzu, D B Fraley, Larry Fuegen, Barry Gallagher, Rick Genovese, Tim George, Les George, Don Hanson, Tim Herman, Jerry Halfrich, Tomonari Hamada, Tim Hancock, Don Hanson, Phill Hartsfield, Michael Henningsson, Rick Hinderer, Brian Hochstrat, Steve Hoel, Jess Horn, S R Johnson, Ryuichi Kawamura, Steven Kelly, Joe Kious, Jeremy Krammes, Matt Learch, Korth, Rick Lala, Bob Loveless, Bob Lum, Sal Manaro, Charles Marlowe, Jeremy Marsh, R J Martin, Joe Mason, Kansei Matsuno, Tom Mayo, Jerry McClure, Gerry McGinnis, Jody Muller, Deryk Munroe, Bill Moran, Hidetoshi Nakayama, Chad Nell,Ken Onion, Warren Osborne, Tom Overeynder, Don Polzien, Tom Ploppert, Jared Price, Salvatore Puddu, Mike Quesenberry, Darrell Ralph, Steven Rapp, Bertie Rietveld, Jon Robyn, Richard Rogers, Kyle Royer, Bill Ruple, Ochs Sherworx, Ron Skaggs, Scott Slobodian, Josh Smith, Brad Southard, Ken Steigerwalt, J W Smith, Jim Smyth, Jurgen Steinau, Shane Sibert, Scott Sawby, Strider Knives, Julie Warenski, Stan Wilson, Owen Wood, Lee William, John Young, Mike Zscherny.

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