Jared Ryan Price Custom Knives

Jared is a part time maker who started making blades in 2008 initially making his name producing tool and keychain knives and then moving to larger blades and full size custom knives. Jared quickly gained great popularity and is no longer takes orders due to his backlog. Jared continues to produce ever more upscale knives and they are quickly snapped up when available.

Previously Sold Knives by Jared Ryan Price

Jared Price Bushcraft Jared Price Dodo Jared Price Dodo Damascus Blade

Bushcraft, Titanium

Dodo, Lightning Strike Carbon Fiber

Dodo, Nichols Raindrop Damascus, Titanium Frame

Jared Price MarbleCF Lark Jared Price EDC Jared Price Lark Damascus Blade

Lark, Marbled Carbon Fiber

One-off Titanium Folder

Lark, Nichols Blackout Damascus, Titanium Bolster, LSCF

Jared Price SC/LSCF Dodo Jared Price Warbler Jared Price Dress Lark

Dodo, Norris Raindrop, Superconductor, LSCF

Warbler, Titanium with Circles

Dress Lark, Superconductor, LSCF

Jared Price Lark Tanto Jared Price Mokume Lark Jared Price Warbler

Lark with Tanto Blade and Hamon

Lark, Mokume


Jared Price Bullseye Dodo jared Price Fancy Dodo Jared Price Gannet

Dodo, Bullseye

Dodo, Mokuti & Carbon Fiber


Jared Price Lark Jared Price Prototype Flipper Jared Price Lark Flipper

Lark, Mokuti Pivot Collar

Prototype Flipper

Lark Flipper

Jared Price Milled G10 Gannet Jared Price Damascus VBL Jared Price Finch Prototype

Gannet, milled G10 Scales

VBL, Damascus

Finch, Prototype

Jarted Price Kingfisher Jared Price Avocet Prototype Jared Price Osprey

Kingfisher, Mokuti & LSCF

Avocet Prototype


JaredPrice_Spero_BlackOutDamascus Jared Price_Avocet Tanto 2 Jared Price_Lark_LSCF

Spero, Black Out Damascus & CF

Avocet Tanto, Starfire Damascus & Electric Blue CF

Lark, LSCF

Jared Price Kingfisher Jared Price_Shoebill_Mokume_Blackout Damascus_LSCF Jared Price_Finch_Elec Blue CF


Shoebill, Mokumue, LSCF & Blackout Damascus

Finch, Electric Blue CF

Jared Price_Kestrel XL_Proto Jared Price_Kingfisher_Persian Jared Price Kestrel_Copper_Rag Micarta

Kestrel XL Prototype

Kingfisher, Persian San Mai

Kestrel, Copper & Rag Micarta

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