Jason Clark Custom Knives

I met Jason Clark at the 2013 Blade Show and was impressed by the quality of his work, especially for the price point. I believe Jason will gain recognition and that his knives are a great value. Jason is a part time maker and displays at a local Florida show and Blade. He has a background in law enforcement and has been making knives since 2001. He does all the cutting, design work, grinding and hand finishing in house. I believe now is a great time to acquire his work.

Previously Sold Knives by Jason Clark

Jason Clark Hybird Wharnie Jason Clark Tanto Jason Clark Hybrid Wharnie C-Tek

Hybrid Wharnie

Tanto, C-Tek Scales


Jason Clark Drop Point Jason Clark Spearpoint Jason Clark Zirc and Orange G10 Tanto

Drop Point, Starfire Damascus, Zirc & LSCF

Spearpoint, Starfire Damascus, Zirc & LSCF

Tanto Flipper, Zirc & Orange G10

Jason Clark Hybrid Wharnie Jason Clark Spearpoint Ti Flipper Jason Clark Blk Ash Burl Razor

Hybrid Wharnie, Sliver Twill & Carbon Fiber

Spearpoint, Titanium

Razor, San Mai Damascus, Zirc & Ironwood

Jason Clark CF Zirc Tanto Jason Clark Ti Persian Jason Clark Zirc and CF Persian

Tanto, Zirc & CF

Persian, Titanium

Persian, Zirc & CF

Jason Clark Hybird Drop Point Jason Clark San Mai Zirc CF Persian Jason_Clark_Tanto_Mokuti_Damsscus_CarbonFiber

Hybrid Drop Point, Mokuti, CF & Starfire Damascus

Persian, Zirc, Marbled CF and San Mai Blade

Tanto, Damascus, Mokuti, Carbon Fiber

Jason Clark Black Sheep Prototype Jason_Clark_Persian_StarfireDamsscus_Zirconium_CarbonFiber Jason Clark Damascus Cf Clip Point

Blacksheep Prototype

Persian, Starfire Damascus, Zirc & CF

Clip Point, Damascus & CF

Jason Clark Mokuti Wharny Jason Clark Hybird Drop Point Jason Clark_Persian_Mokuti and CF

Wharnie, Mokuti

Hybrid Drop Point, Damascus, Mokuti & CF

Persian, Mokuti & CF

Jason Clark_Persian Liner Lock 2 Jason Clark_Mosaic Tanto Jason Clark_Clip Point_Timascus_CF

Persian, Liner-Lock, Damascus, Zirc & CF

Tanto, Mosaic Damascus and Westinghouse Micarta

Clip Point, Timascus & CF

Jason Clark_Drop Point_Aztec Timascus_San Mai Blade Jason Clark_Mokuti_San Mai_Tanto Jason Clark_Hybrid Drop_Timascus_San Mai

Drop Point, Timascus & San Mai Damascus

Tanto, Mokuti & San Mai Damascus

Hybird Droppoint

Jason Clark Buzz_Glock Damascus Jason Clark Persian_San Mai_Blk Timascus Jason Clark Tanto_Glock Damascus

Buzz, Glock Damascus

Persian, San Mai & Timascus

Tanto, Glock Damascus, Zirc & CF

Jason Clark_Black Timascus Razor Jason Clark_Persian_Mosaic Bolsters item4b1a2a1b1b1a1a

Razor, Black Timascus

Persian, Mosaic Damascus & Ivory Micarta

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