Jeremy Krammes - Rex

Status - Sold

Here is a new model from Jeremy Krammes, his first flipper, the Rex! This knife features a a blade of N690 steel with a two tone finish, satin on the flats and acid washed plus tumbled on the grinds, a really slick grind by the way and a fuller all running on ceramic caged bearing, a ceramic detent, Zirconium bolsters and pocket clip which is set for tip up carry, Marble Carbon Fiber scales, a two piece Zirconium spine which has been file worked and anodized blue, anodized Titanium liners. Jeremy's knives don't often show in the secondary market because he doesn't make a lot, being part time, and those that are acquired usually stay in collections. There is a great deal of detail work in this sole authorship piece from a tremendous talent.

blade length: 3 7/16" ..................................... closed: 4 5/16 " ........................................ overall: 7 3/4"

case/sheath: zippered pouch

*I am often asked who is the next "collectible" maker will be. Many factors go into the equation, however, I believe the single most important requirement is that the maker have a unique sense of style/design that will allow them to stand out from the crowd. Without this, other factors such as workmanship/promotion/visabiliy/availablity, etc.. won't get it done. I believe Jeremy is such a maker, in my mind his work stands out above the crowd.

Jeremy Krammes Rex_Zirc_Marble CF
Jeremy Krammes Rex_Zirc_Marble CF 2
Jeremy Krammes Rex_Zirc_Marble CF 3
Jeremy Krammes Rex_Zirc_Marble CF 4
Jeremy Krammes Rex_Zirc_Marble CF 5

Check out the blue ano in the backspacer and at the base of the pocket is all in the details.

Jeremy Krammes Rex_Zirc_Marble CF 6
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