Jeremy Krammes - Helix

Status - Available

Price: $ 1995... + shipping

Here is a very special knife from Jeremy Krammes, a Helix featuring a blade of Nichols Damascus with a really slick grind, artificially aged copper bolsters with some carving, decorative copper pins, carved and textured Carbon Fiber scales, a two piece spine which has been file worked and anodized, the file work is anodized green to match the green in the copper. The ambidextrous thumb studs are Titanium and anodized to look like copper with a patina. Jeremy's knives don't often show in the secondary market because he doesn't make a lot, being part time, and those that are acquired usually stay in collections. There is a great deal of detail work in this sole authorship piece from a tremendous talent.

blade length: 3 3/8" ..................................... closed: 4 1/4 " ........................................ overall: 7 1/2"

case/sheath: zippered pouch

*I am often asked who is the next "collectible" maker will be. Many factors go into the equation, however, I believe the single most important requirement is that the maker have a unique sense of style/design that will allow them to stand out from the crowd. Without this, other factors such as workmanship/promotion/visibility/availability, etc.. won't get it done. I believe Jeremy is such a maker, in my mind his work stands out above the crowd.

Jeremy Krammes_Helix
Jeremy Krammes_Helix 2
Jeremy Krammes_Helix 3
Jeremy Krammes Helix
Jeremy Krammes Helix 2
Jeremy Krammes Helix 3
Jeremy Krammes Helix 4
Jeremy Krammes Helix
Jeremy Krammes Helix 5
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