Jerry Halfrich Custom Knives

A little bit about Jerry in his own words: “I’ve always had a keen interest in knives, guns, hunting and fishing, which all seem to go hand-in-hand. Knives have always played a role in my life whether it be dressing and skinning small or large game, cleaning fish, or whittling on a chunk of wood for amusement. In my younger years as an Eagle Scout I used knives in various activities and for 25 years knives were in constant use in my explosives business, and they still serve me when I’m guiding in South Texas or taking care of my own animals on a hunt in Alaska or in the Rocky Mountains.”

Jerry’s knives are known for their sharpness, he grinds his bevels thin and that provides for a fine cutting edge made for using. Jerry will also produce an investment grade knife with appropriate materials. He builds knives in traditional patterns and has developed many of his own displaying great versatility.

Previously Sold Knives by Jerry Halfrich

HalfrichBabyRounderBark HalfrichLB HalfrichBabyRounder

Baby Rounder, Bark

Medium LB5 UltraLight, Carbon Fiber

Baby Rounder, Mammoth

Jerry Halfrich Amber Stag HTT HalfrichBoseGrn halfrichbiggame1 copy

HTT (Hunter Trader Trapper) Amber Stag

Bose Style Trapper, 3 1/2", Green Micarta

Big Game UltraLight LB Hunter, Carbon Fiber

HalfrichDamscusRounder Jerry Halfrich Hildago Prototype HalfrichEuro

Small Rounder, Damascus, Carbon Fiber

Hildago, Stag

Euro Prototype, Amber Jigged Bone

Jerry Halfrich Ivory Saddlehorn HalfrichCS1 HalfrichGrMicartaRounder


CS (Cameron Special), Devon Thomas Damascus, Carbon Fiber

Small Rounder, Green Micarta

HalfrichRounderLB HalfrichShadow1 HalfrichShadowRounder

Small Lock Back Rounder, Amber Stag

Shadow Trapper, Carbon Fiber

Shadow Rounder, Amber Stag

HalfrichStagRounder HalfrichTracker HalfrichWinchester

Stag Rounder

Tracker Prototype

Singapore Winchester, Jigged Black Paper Micarta

HalfrichStagWinchester HalfrichProto1 HalfrichStagHTT

Winchester, Stag

Texas Frontier Prototype

Stag HTT (Hunter, Trader,Trapper)

HalfrichSmRounder Jerry Halfrich Cougar Jerry Halfrich Lanny's Clip

Small Rounder, Mammoth

Cougar, Stag

Lanny's Clip

Jerry Halfrich LB5 w/Gold Pins Jerry Halfrich Saddlehorn Jerry Halfrich Rag Micarta Trapper

LB5 UltraLight, LSCF, 10k Gold Pins

Saddlehorn, Mammoth

Shadow Trapper Prototype, Rag Micarta

Jerry Halfrich Wharncliff Trapper Jerry Halfrich Ultralite Backpocket Jerry Halfrich Stag Trapper

Bose Style Wharnie Trapper, Stag

UltraLight Backpocket, LSCF

Trapper, Stag

HalfrichStagRounder Jerry Halfrich Bose UL Trapper Jerry Halfrich Town & Country

Small Rounder, Stag

Bose Style UltraLight Trapper, Carbon Fiber

Town & Country

Jerry Halfrich Backpocket Jerry Halfrich Jack Russell Jerry Halfrich Stag Town&Country

Back Pocket

Jack Russell

Hildago, Stag

Jerry Halfrich Singapore Winchester Jerry Halfrich Rag Micarta Singapore Jerry Halfrich Mammoth Shadow Trapper

Singapore Winchester, Jigged Black Paper Micarta, Mid-lock

Singapore Winchester, Rag Micarta

Shadow Trapper, Mammoth

Jerry Halfrich Mammoth Singapore Winchester Jerry Halfrich HTT
Jerry Halfrich Mammoth Trapper

Singapore Winchester, Mammoth


Trapper, Mammoth

Jerry Halfrich_Winchester_Ultra Light item4a

Winchester Ultralight

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