Jim Dunlap - Gentleman's Folders

Electric Blue Carbon Fiber - sold

Standard Black Carbon Fiber - 1 Available

Blue Lightning Strike Carbon Fiber - 1 Available

Silver Lightning Strike Carbon Fiber - sold

Red & Black Carbon Fiber - 1 Available

Price: $ 275 ea.... + shipping

Gents folders from Jim Dunlap. These knives feature blades of CPM 154 steel all with hand rubbed satin finishes and they each have a pull of around 4 1/2 to 5 1/2 on a 10 point scale. The scales are either Black Carbon Fiber, Red & Black Carbon Fiber, Silver Lightning Strike Carbon Fiber, Blue Lightning Strike Carbon Fiber or Electric Blue Carbon Fiber. The strength and rigidity of the Carbon Fiber allows these to be made without liners so they are lightweight easy to carry and use knives. The fit and finish is indicative of knives costing twice as much if not more. Jim Dunlap is relatively new to custom knives, he specializes in traditional style folders. Jerry McClure, a long time award winning knifemaker, is a mentor to Jim and the tutelage shows as Jim's fit and finish is very good. The back springs on these knives are flush in all three (open/closed/halfstop) positions. I expect to see his knives become more popular as they offer great value for the price. This is a knifemaker to watch. I have sold well over 100 of these since I started carrying them in 2014, they are really a great value, wonderful for yourself or as a gift to those who appreciate a good custom knife.

blade length: 2 5/8" ............................................ closed: 3 3/8" .......................................... overall: 6"

case/sheath: suede pouch with hook & loop closure

Jim Dunlap_Shadow Pattern Trappers
Jim Dunlap_Shadow Pattern Trappers 2
Jim Dunlap_Shadow Pattern Trappers 3

No liners required, Carbon Fiber has the rigidity and strength to support the blade. Carbon Fiber is the optimum build material to support the structural integrity of these knives plus, it looks cool!

Jim Dunlap_Shadow Pattern Trappers 4
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