Jim Dunlap Custom Knives

Jim is is a relatively new custom knife maker specializing in traditional style folders. Jerry McClure, a long time award winning knifemaker, is a mentor to Jim and the tutalage shows as Jim's fit and finish is very good, back spring are flush in all three (open/closed/halfstop) positions on his knives and is file work is good. I expect to see his knives become more popular as they offer great value for the price. This is a knife maker to watch.

Previously Sold Knives by Jim Dunlap

Jim Dunlap Trappers Jim Dunlap Gents Folders Jim Dunlap Gentleman Folders

Trappers, G10 scales

Gentlemans Folders

Gentlemans Folders

Jim Dunlap Gentleman Folders item4b1a item4b1b

Gentlemans Folders

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