Jim Smyth Custom Knives

Jim is a part time “Hobbyist” knife maker producing about 6-10 knives a year. Jim has had a long time fascination with knives and started out collecting factory knives. He then moved into the custom knife world trying his hand at making knives. Jim has had help over the years learning the tricks from the likes of Kit Carson, George Young, Darrel Ralph, Alan Folts and Lee Williams. Jim does not take any orders.

Previously Sold Knives by Jim Smyth

SmythShark SmythNecker SmythP51

Shark, Timascus

One-of-a-Kind Necker, Devon Thomas Spirograph Damascus

P51, Carbon Fiber, Titanium

Jim Smyth_Shark item4a item4a1

Shark, Timascus Inlay

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