Jody Muller Custom Knives

Jody made my first knife at age 12. His father, now retired, was a knife maker so it was a natural for Jody to follow in his footsteps. In 1994, along with his dad he forged his first Damascus steel and in 2004 he received his ABS Journeyman Smith Stamp. Jody does many styles of knives everything from small drop point hunters to large fancy cleavers and high-end hand engraved folders. Jody is also an engraver and employs that skill on many of his knives. He makes Damascus in several patterns including mosaic. He uses a wide variety of materials including ivory, stag, exotic hardwoods, silver, copper and gold in order to create the beautiful works of art that are his knives. All of Jody’s knives are one-of a-kind.

Previously Sold Knives by Jody Muller

Jody Muller Dragons Jody Muller Dragons Jody Muller Gold Horned Dragons

Chinese Dragons, Damascus, Mammoth, Engraved

Dragons, Damascus, Mammoth, Engraved

Golden Horned Dragons, Mosaic Damascus, Mammoth, Engraved

Jody Muller tribal Skulls mullerdragons1 MullerDragonScales

Tribal Skull, Micarta, Damascus, Anodized Ti Bolsters

Fighting Dragons, Damascus, Mammoth, Engraved

Dragon Scales, Grey/Blue Mammoth, Damascus, Engraved

MullerEagles1 MullerArtKnife1

Fire Fight, Damascus, Mammoth, Engraved

Eagles, Mosaic Damascus, MOP, Engraved

Gentlemans Folder, Mosaic Damascus, Mammoth, Engraved

mullergents1 copy MullerHornedDragons1 MullerSnakeSkull

Gent's Folder, Damascus, Mammoth, Engraved

Horned Dragons, Mosaic Damascus, Mammoth, Engraved

Snake & Skull, Damascus, Mammoth, Engraved

MullerTactical mullerthingreenline1 MullerTiger

Tactical, 1095 Blade, Carbon Fiber Scales

Gent's Knife, Damascus, Mammoth, Engraved

Tiger & Crain, Damascus, Mammoth, Engraved

MullerTribal Jody Muller Remains of Battle DSC_0003

Tribal Dragon Tactical, Damascus, Engraved Titanium

"Remains of Battle" engraving

Chinese Dragons, Mammoth, Damascus

Jody Muller Hells Army Jody Muller Push Dagger Jody Muller Fighting Dragons

Hell's Army

Push Dagger

Fire Fight Chinese Dragons

Jody Muller_Mokume_Westinghouse
Jody Muller Devils Skull 3 Jody Muller Dragon Firefight

Mosaic Damascus, Mokume & Westinghouse

Devil's Skull

Fire Fight

item4b5a2b2 item4b5a2b3
Jody Muller_Tactical Art Flipper

Tactical Flipper

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