Joe Kious Custom Knives

Joe Kious is recognized as one of the most renowned custom knife makers in the world today. His knives reside in most of the great collections in the world. Joe produces an outstanding array of models to suit any taste and he uses the best materials available and often accents his creations with gold and file work. Joe's pieces are often utilized as a canvas upon which the greatest knife engravers of out time execute their work.

Previously Sold Knives by Joe Kious

Joe Kious C J Cai Engraved Knife Joe Kious Folder Mitch Moschetti Engraving Joe Kious Goldfin Ray Cover Engraved

Tiger & dragon Engraved by C J Cai

Model 3, MOP Inlay, Mitch Moschetti Engraver

Goldfin, Engraved by Ray cover

kious_robyn_biggsjasper1 Joe Kious Dagger Joe Mason Engraved kious_cai_persian1_2

Biggs Jasper inlay Engraved by Jon Robyn

Dagger, Eggerling Damascus, Joe Mason Engraver

Persian Model, Aladdin Engraving by C J Cai

KiousAlice KiousCoverLapis1_2 kious_tomlin1

Double Pocket Locket, Alice in Wonderland, Engraving Ray Cover

Model 6, Lapis Inlay, Ray Cover Engraver

Model 6 Engraved by Lisa Tomlin

KiousCargnelEagle KiousGriffithsDragons KiousCoverGargoyle1_2

Eagles, Barrett Smyth Knife, Gino cargnel Engraving

Dragons Engraved by Lee Griffiths

Gargoyle Ray Cover Engraver

KiousSkaggsegypt1 KiousStrangers KiousRobynSamuraiGeisha1

Double Pocket Locket, Egypt, Ron Skaggs Engraver

Strangers in the Night Engraving by Jon Robyn

Samurai & Geisha Engraving by Jon Robyn

kious_robyn1 KiousCovermermaid3 KiousHochstratElephant1

Tulip Model, Chillin, Jon Robyn Engraver

Persian Model, Mermaid Engraved by Ray Cover

The Elephant Hunter Brian Hochstrat Engraver

KiousCovergs1 KiousMullerRaptor1_2 KiousRobynTulip1

Gunstock Engraved by Ray Cover

Raptor Engraved by Jody Muller

Tulip Model, Biggs jasper Inlay, Jon Robyn Engraver

Kious_Badillini1_2 Joe Kious Vargas Tim George Engraving Treasure Chests1

Window Knife, Giacomo Badillini Engraver

Tulip Model, Vargas Girls Engraved by Tim George

Treasure Chest Engraved by Brian Hochstrat

Joe Kious Dagger Jon Robyn Engraver Joe Kious Neptune and Mermaid C J Cai Engraved Joe Kious Dragon Bridge engraved by Julie Warenski

Dagger, Damascus, Jon Robyn Engraver

Stealth, Neotune&Mermaid,Tiger Eye Inlay, C J Cai Engraver

Persian, Dragon Bridge engraving by Julie Warenski

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