John W Smith Custom Knives

John has been a fulltime maker since 1993. He is a member of the exclusive Art Knife Invitational group of 25 makers. He does his own engraving and makes his own Damascus. On his Art Knives John primarily uses Damascus, pearl, fossil Ivories and stone. He embellishes his knives with engraving, gold inlay, mosaic pearl inlays, file work, carving and solid 14K gold screws and thumb studs that he makes himself. His wait list for Art Knives is in years! While best known for his Art Knives John also makes Tactical Folders using the same fantastic level of fit and finish with less exotic materials. You will not find a better knife maker.

Previously Sold Knives by John W Smith

SmithSunburst1 JWSmith SD2 3.5in SmithDaggerPearl

Sunburst Mosaic Dagger

SD2 3 1/2", Lightning Strike Carbon Fiber

Dagger, Antique Blond Canvas Micarta, MOP Inlay

Smith2HeadsTails JWSmith SD2 3in John W Smith SD3 Carbon Fiber

Heads or Tails (#2) Engraved by Jon Robyn

SD2 3"Lightning Strike Carbon Fiber

SD2 3" & 3 1/2", Carbon Fiber

SmithRobynLadies J W Smith SD2 Ironwood JWSmith LSCF Dagger

Lovely Ladies, Jon Robyn Engraved

SD2, Ironwood

Dagger, Lightning Strike Carbon Fiber

Smith1HeadsTails SmithRG1 SmithTactical1

Heads or Tails (#1) Engraved by Jon Robyn

RG1's, 4 3/8" & 5", Antique Blond Canvas Micarta

F4, Antique Brown Canvas Micarta

SmithDaggers SmithRG1BrMicarta

Gents Folder, MOP, Mosaic Pattern Bolsters, Ladder Blade

Daggers, 4" & 5 1/8", Brown Antique Canvas Micarta

RG1, Antique Brown Canvas Micarta

smithmosaicdagger1 SmithRG1Blond John W Smith SD3 Stag

Sunburst Mosaic Dagger

RG1, Blond Antique Canvas Micarta

SD3's Stag

SmithDagger1 J W Smith SD2 LSCF SmithProto

Art Dagger, Carved Bolsters, Quilted Black Lip

SD2 3" & 3 1/2", Lightning Strike Carbon Fiber

SD3 Prototype, Black Canvas Micarta

J W Smith LSCF Dagger J W Smith Victoria's Secrect Engraved by Jon Robyn J W Smith Samurai & Geisha engraving by Jon Robyn

Gent's Folder, Victoria's Secret engraving by Jon Robyn, Blue/Tan Mammoth

Small Dagger, LSCF

Small Dagger, Geisha & Samurai, Robyn engraved

J W Smith Va Va Voom engraving by Jon Robyn
JWSmith SD3's
JWSmith SD3's-3

SD3's, Damascus bolsters, Carbon Fiber scales

SD3's, Mokuti bolsters, LSCF scales

Small Dagger, VaVa Voom engraving by Jon Robyn

J W Smith Mokuti CF Dagger John W Smith folder Tim George Engraver John W Smith Chill Out engraving by Jon Robyn

Dagger, Mokuti bolsters, Carbon Fiber scales

Gentlemans folder, engraved by Tim George

Chillin engraved by Robyn

J W Smith TAD Dauntless John W Smith 3.5 in SD3 Mokuti and LSCF John W Smith Gentlemans Folder

TAD Dauntless

SD3, Mokuti and Lightning Strike Carbon Fiber

Gents Folder, Damascus, MOP & Gold Accents

JWSmith_SD3_3.5in_Zirc_Kevlar John W Smith TAD Gear Capricorn JWSmith_SG1_Zirc_Kevlar

SD3, 3.5", Zirconium & Thunderstorm Kevlar

TAD Gear Capricorn

RG-1, Zirconium & Thunderstorm Kevlar

JWSmith_SD3_3in_Zirc_Kevlar JWSmith_Dagger_Zirc_Kevlar JohnWSmith_SD3_Damascus_Zirc_LSCF

SD3, 3", Zirconium & Thunderstorm Kevlar

Dagger, Zirconium & Thunderstorm Kevlar

SD3, Blackout Damascus, Zirc & LSCF

John W Smith_SD2_Mokume_3in John W Smith_3in_SD2_Electric Blue CF_Blue Ano Ti John W Smith_Dagger_Westinghouse_Zirc

SD2, Mokume & CF

SD2, 3in, Electric Blue CF and Blue Ano Ti Bolsters

Dagger, Zirconium & Vintage Westinghouse Ivory Micarta

John W Smith_Art Knife item4b7a1a2a1b1a3
John W Smith_SD3_Bronze Ano_LSCF

Art Knife

SD3, Bronze Ano & LSCF

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