Josh Fisher - Trapper

Status - Sold

Josh Fisher (aka JN Fisher Knives) created this gorgeous Trapper. Josh is an ABS (American Blade Smith) Junior Smith doing some exceptional work, he caught my eye! Josh has won multiple awards, the latest of which was the 2016 Blade Show Best Utility Hunter and his knives have been featured in multiple publications. This beauty features Josh's own Damascus forged using 15N20 and 1084 steels, the bolsters are rounded, fluted and accented, liners are file worked and the handle is hand checkered Ebony, the pins are domed. An elegant gentlemans knife to be sure at a very attractive price considering all the work that went into it. Josh is a maker who , I am confident, will continue to gain recognition and the collectibility of his knives will ride that same wave. Now is the time to acquire his work.

blade length: 2 7/8" ......................... handle (including guard): 3 5/8" .............................. overall: 6 1/2"

case/sheath: zippered pouch

Photo (below) by Caleb Royer

Josh Fisher_Ebony Slippie
Josh Fisher_Ebony Slippie 2
Josh Fisher_Ebony Slippie 3
Josh Fisher_Ebony Slippie 4
Josh Fisher_Ebony Slippie 5
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