Kansei Matsuno Custom Knives

Kansei is a full time knife maker; he lives near Seki City, Japan. His love of fishing led him to the custom knife world. Never finding a knife that met his requirements he decided to make one himself. His first knives were made with simple tools and, after acquiring better tools, his production and quality improved and friends began asking him for knives. In 1998 he went full time as a knife maker.

He has gained worldwide recognition by creating knives of impeccable quality and different original patterns as well as traditional styles featuring both inter-frames and bolstered. His folders are flawless in design, construction & function. He makes most of his knives using natural materials such as Mammoth Ivory and Stag.

Previously Sold Knives by Kansei Matsuno

Kansei6 Kansei Matsuno LSCF Folder Kansei Matsuno Damascus Folder

Gentleman EDC, Lightning Strike Carbon Fiber

Mini Folder, Damascus, Aluminum & Resin Composite Handle

Gentleman EDC, Damascus, Lightning Strike Carbon Fiber

Kansei Matsuno Carbon Fiber Folder Kansei Matsuno CF EDC Folder Kansei Matsuno Gentlemans Knife

Gentleman EDC, Carbon Fiber

Gentleman EDC, Carbon Fiber

Gentleman EDC's, LSCF

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