Korth Custom Knives

Korth is the Trademark of Rick Lala. Rick, who lives and works in San Paulo, Brazil, started making knives full time in 1991. Rick makes several styles of knives; tactical style folders, balisongs and fixed blades. Rudy Lala is Rick's nephew. In 2008 Rudy began carving the handles on some of the Korth knives and based on the combined talents of Rick and Rudy ,Korth Knives, especially their collaborations, have become some of the most sought after knives in the high end tactical knife world. Rick is one of the co-inventors of the Ikoma Korth Bearing System (IKBS), a superior system which provides for the smooth opening of folders. IKBS is now used by many top makers.

Previously Sold Knives by Korth

Korth Carved Skull Sentry Korth Gargoyle Sentry Korth Golden Dragon

Sentry, Carved Skull & Flames

Sentry, Carved Gargoyle

Sentry, Golden Dragon

Korth K2 Textured Korth Marbled CF Stinger Korth Sentry Blue Skull

Coyote (K2), Textured

Stinger, Marbled Carbon Fiber Inlays

Sentry, Carved Skull

Korth Green Skull Sentry Korth Stinger Flaming Skull Korth Sentry Green Bricks

Sentry, Carved Skull

Stinger, Carved Skull & Flames

Sentry, Carved Stone Work

Korth Stinger Ivory Inlays KorthReptile Korth Stinger Scarab1_2

Stinger, Ivory Inlays & Decorative Mill Work

Reptile, Carved Stones

Stinger, Scarab

KorthAmazonaTanto1 KorthDecoSentry KorthCoyote

Amazona, Titanium, Textured Carbon Fiber, Red Liner

Sentry, Deco Carving

Coyote, Carved Skulls

KorthSentrySkeleton1 KorthSculptedStinger KorthStingerDragon

Sentry, Carved Skeleton

Stinger, Textured

Stinger, Carved Dragon

KorthTopHat KorthStingerTex1 korthstagamazona1

Reptile, Skeleton w/Top Hat, Cane & Cigar

Stinger, Textured

Amazona, Titanium, Stag, Red Liner

korthstingerreaper1 Korth Stinger CF Inlays Korth Stinger Flaming Skull

Stinger, Grim Reaper

Stinger, Carbon Fiber, Decorative Mill Work

Amazona, Carved Skull

KorthSentryHanya KorthSkullSnake KorthSentrySkull1

Sentry, Carved Hanya

Sentry, Carved Skull & Snake

Sentry, Carved Skeleton Smoking Cigar

Korth Sentry Carbon Fiber Inlays Korth Reptile Dragon Korth Superconductor Sentry

Sentry, Carbon Fiber Inlay

Reptile w/Dragon Carving

Sentry, Superconductor inlay

Korth Carved Skull Reptile Korth Copper Stinger Korth K2 Timascus

Reptile w/Skull Carving

Stinger, Texture Tech and Copper

K2, White Timascus

Korth Cross Stinger Korth Dragon Sentry Korth Green Eye Sentry

Stinger, LSCF & Cross inlay

Sentry, Carved Dragon

Sentry, Green Eyed Skull Carving

Korth Skull Sentry Korth Sentry Scorpion Korth_XLSentry_Cowboy_Skeleton

Sentry, Carved Skull

Sentry, CF and Silver Spider

Sentry XL, Carved Cowboy Skeleton

Korth_Sentry XL_Gargoyle Korth_K2_Carved Skull

Sentry XL, Gargoyle Carving

K2, Carved Skull

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