J L "Lee" Williams Custom Knives

J L "Lee" Williams is a part time maker working out of his garage since 2001. He makes some of the slickest and most innovative flipper opening mechanisms on the market including one that has been licensed by Kershaw for one of their production lines.

Previously Sold Knives by J L "Lee" Williams

WilliamsFighter WilliamsHeart1 WilliamsSpiderCrux1

Fighter, G10 Handle

Heartbeat Flipper

Slim Crux, Zirconium, Spiderweb Carving, Ti Frame Green Ano

Lee Williams Barracuda Inline Kickstop J L Williams Donk Lee Williams Donk

Barracuda Inline Flipper

Donk, Damascus Blade, Machined Ti Overlays


item4b1 item4b1a item4b1b
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