Marfione Custom Knives

Marifione Custom Knives are the handiwork of Anthony Marifione who is also the force behind Microtech knives. Microtech offers a wide selection of production knives and is most widely known for their OTF (Out The Front) autos. Anthony Marfione is known for his design and wicked blade grinding ability. His custom knives are highly sought after.

Previously Sold Knives by Anthony Marfione

Marfione Custom CX Damascus Anax MarfioneCasidiamMiniMatrixA

Anax w/custom Damascus

Mini Matrix, Casidiam Coated

Mini Matrix, Satin Finished Blade

Marfione Custom Anax Ball Bearing Damascus
MarfioneCustomSatinMatrix Marfione Custom Damascus Matrix

Anax, Ball Bearing Damascus

Matrix, Damascus

Matrix, Satin Blade 30k Layer Carbon Fiber

Deryk Munroe_Anthony Marfione_Sigil_DLC Munroe Marfione Sigil Collab CF and Copper item4b1b2b

Sigil Collaboration with Deryk Munroe

Sigil Collaboration with Deryk Munroe

item4b1b1a1 item4b1b2a1 item4b1b2b1
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