Michael Burch "Burchtree Bladeworks" Custom Knives

Michael grew up in rural Southern Missouri were carrying a knife everyday was the natural way of things. He built his first blades in his father’s workshop when he was about 12. After high school, he joined the United States Marine Corps as a reservist and started working as an editor and writer for the Internet department of an outdoor retail company. Around 2002, the bug to build knives hit hard. Michael has been a full-time maker since 2007.

Michael builds blades that are both functional and beautiful, specializing in folders. Being a collector and user of knives, whether it’s to cut open mail or dress a deer his blades are built to be used. Michael uses mostly 1095, Chad Nichols’ stainless Damascus or the Damascus he makes himself usually with friend and fellow knife maker Jody Muller. 

Previously Sold Knives by Michael Burch

Michael Burch BKEDC knives Michael Burch Redneck Summit EDC

BKEDC (Burch Knifeology Every Day Carry) Limited Ed.10pcs (8-10 shown)

One Off, Nichols Iguana Pattern Damascus & Titanium

BKEDC Prototype, Mammoth, Heat Treated Damascus Bolsters

Michael Burch Midtech

Amber Stag Dao Flipper

Chubby, Alabama Damascus, Black Ray Skin & Titanium

Mid-Tech Dao

burch_swoop1 burchchopsuey1

Swoop, Carbon Fiber, Ray Skin Inlays

Chop Suey

One Off, Chris Marks Damascus, Pre-ban Ivory

BurchK13a BurchKnifeologyEDC

KW13, Gun Kote Blade, heat Treated Titanium Frame


Cubby Varient, Nichols Damascus, Anodized & Textured Titanium

BurchKnifeologyEDC BurchModTangent

BKEDC Ltd Ed Serial #'s 3 thru 5

Modified Tangent, Mokume & Carbon Fiber

Tanto, White Ray Skin, Steel Flame Bronze Dragon Menuki

burchtanto1 Michael Burch Tanto Flipper

Tanto, Traditionally Wrapped Red Ray Skin

Tanto Flipper, Superconductor & LSCF

Skully w/Nichols Damascus, Carbon Fiber

Burch V2 MidTech
Burch Mini Dao Michael Burch Black Chubby

Mini Swoop, Black & Grey G10, Rayskin Inlays

Cubby, One-of

Mid Tech V2

Michael Burch Olive Green Dao Michael Burch Mini Impetus Michael Burch CF Moonglow Chubby

Dao, Green G10 & Black Rayskin Inlays

Mini Impetus, Mokuti and carbon Fiber

Chubby, CF & Moonglow

Burch V3 item4f4b1b1a item4f4b1b1b

V3 Midtech

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