Peter Carey Custom Knives

Peter Carey has a background working with structural steel as a Fabricator/Erector, Welder, Welding Inspector and independent contractor. Peter's fascination with knives started as a kid, always carrying a folding knife and using it often when fishing with his dad & brother and as an adult hunting with his sons and friends. Peter made his first knife in 1997 and made a few fixed blade knives over the next few years and then in 2000, he made his first folder. In 2002,  he won the" Best Amateur Knife" award and "Best Folding Blade" award at the Knife Expo in Southern California. This is the time when he started to sell knives on a part time basis.

Peter moved from California to Texas in 2006, where he now works as a full-time Knifemaker. Peter specializes in folders with a few fixed blade knives thrown in. Peter build knives using the stock removal method with the best materials he can acquire. The blade steels are heat treated, press quenched, cryogenically treated and triple-tempered to ensure optimal performance.  The fit and finish on his knives is superior to most others within the tactical world. You will not be disappointed with a knife from Peter Carey.

Previously Sold Knives by Peter Carey

careynitroflipper1 CareyRubiconFlipper

Nitro Flipper, Damasteel & Carbon Fiber

Rubicon Flipper, Damasteel, Mammoth

Tremor, Nichols Whoops Damascus, Silver Twill & Carbon Fiber

CareySuperconductor CareyRubiconMed1
Peter Carey Superconducter Cayman

Nitro Mini Flipper, Superconductor & Amber Stag

Rubicon, Black & Tan G10

Cayman, Superconductor & Carbon Fiber

Peter Carey Blk/Tan Rubicon Peter Carey Mini Nitro
Peter Carey Mini Nitro

Rubicon, Black & Brown G10

Mini Nitro, 6K Blade and Carbon Fiber Scale

Nitro Mini, Mammoth & Infinity Damasteel

Peter Carey Cayman Peter Carey Cayman XL Peter Carey Ironwood Rubicon

Cayman, Superconductor & LSCF

Rubicon, Super Conductor & Ironwood

Cayman XL, Superconductor & LSCF

Peter Carey Zirc CF Cayman
Peter Carey Starfire Mokuti Rubicon

Rubicon, Starfire Damascus and Mokuti

Tremor, Zirconium & Electric Blue Carbon Fiber

Cayman, Zirc bolsters, CF with Superconductor inlays

Peter Carey 50 50 Nitro Peter Carey_Cornerstone S_Forest G10_Silver LSCF
Peter Carey Mini Nitro Damasteel CF

50/50 Nitro, Green Micarta

Cornerstone, LSCF & Micarta

Mini Nitro, Damasteel & CF

Peter Carey_Cayman_Black Timascus_Westinghouse Peter Carey Rubicon_Infinity Damasteel Peter Carey Rubicon_Odins Eye Damasteel


Rubicon Flipper


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