Reese Bose Custom Knives

Reese, the oldest of three Bose children, proved himself an enterprising young man early in life. In third grade he started a knife sharpening business. It was obvious then that Reese would be involved in the knife making business when he grew up. With a famous knife maker as a father it was a natural path. Reese joined his father in his workshop (Wilford Works) in 1993 and has established himself as an accomplished knife maker. Tony and Reese Bose are arguably the most famous makers of traditional pattern and slip joint knives alive today. Reeses has a 5 year plus waiting list and when his knives are available for sale via lottery hundreds of people enter for a chance to purchase one of his knives. The highest level of fit and finish makes Reese's knives great collectibles or everyday users.

Previously Sold Knives by Reese Bose

BoseCoffinJack BoseCongress Reese Bose Premium Stockman

Coffin Jack, 3", Remington Bone,

Premium Stockman, 4". Boker Brown Bone

Congress, 4 1/4", Jigged Brown Bone

bosebullett1 copy R Bose Brown Micarta Backpocket R Bose Splitback Whittler

Remington Bullet R1263, 3 7/8", Remington Bone

Splitback Whittler, Utica Bone

Backpocket, 4", Brown Micarta

Reese Bose Stockman Boker Bone Reese Bose Lannys Clip Reese Bose Coffin Jack

Premium Stockman, 4", Boker Bone

Coffin Jack

Lanny's Clip, Honey Brown Bone scales

Reese Bose Saddlehorn Reese Bose Muskrat Reese Bose Remington Bone Stockman

Saddlehorn, Amber Stag

Muskrat, Brown Jigged Bone

Stockman, Remington Bone

Reese Bose Lannys Clip Joe Mason engraver Reese Bose Half Congress Reese Bose Ivory Splitback Whittler

Lanny's Clip, Joe Mason Engraving

Half Congress

Splitback Whittler

Reese_Bose_Wharncliff_Whittler Reese Bose_Trapper_Burgandy Micarta Reese Bose Jigged Bone Stockman

Wharncliff Trapper, Remington Bone

Trapper, Burgundy Micarta

Stockman, Jigged Bone

Reese Bose_Dogs Head item4b2a2a2a3
Reese Bose_DE Cattleman


DE Cattleman

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