Rick Genovese Custom Knives

Rick has been making beautiful custom knives for over 30 years. Initially Rick's focus was on fixed blades, however, in the early 90's his focus turned toward folding knives and the interframe. Rick uses the highest quality materials and is one of the few makers that has developed his lapidary skills enabling him to add all types of interesting stone and gem inlays in his knives. Rick's knives are of the highest quality exhibiting superb fit and finish.

Previously Sold Knives by Rick Genovese

genovese_robyn_jade_dagger1 GenoveseHochstratGold1 GenoveseSkaggs

Dagger, Jon Robyn Engraved, Green Jade Inlay

Persian, Engraved by Brian Hochstrat, Black Lip Pearl

Gentleman's Folder, Ron Skaggs Engraving, Dinosaur Bone Inlay

Genovese Robyn cats1_2 GenoveseHochstratBlkJade GenoveseCai

Gentleman's Folder, Cats Engraving by Jon Robyn, Malachite Inlay

Dagger, Brian Hochstart Engraving, Black Edwards Jade Inlay

Dagger, C J Cai Engraved, Lapis Inlay

Rick Genovese Dirk
Rick Genovese engraved by Julie Warenski
Rick Genovese MOP Dirk

Dirk, Mother of Pearl & Charoite Inlays

Dirk, Black Edwards Jade & Opal Inlays

Gentleman's Folder, Warenski Engraved

Rick Genovese folder Joe Mason engraved Rick Genovese Gents Joe Mason engraver item4b2a

Gent's Folder, MOP and Opal Inlays, Mason Engraving

Gent's folder, Black Edwards Jade, Mason Engraving

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