Rick Hinderer Custom Knives

Rick Hinderer began his knife making career in the mid 1980's. Initially Rick specialized in the making of art knives.  Calling on his real world experience as a Fire Fighter, EMT and member of the rescue dive team Rick began looking at knives and designs more as hard use tactical tools than works of art. Rick began designing and building tactical folders meant for hard use in the real world. His background designing art knives along with his skills as a machinist served him well in this endeavor. Rick Hinderer knives are in high demand.

Rick's designs have been licensed by several major knife production companies and his lock-bar stabilizer is also being used by custom and production companies. When Rick displays at knife shows it is not unusual for a hundred or more people to participate in lottery type drawing for the opportunity to purchase one of his knives.

Previously Sold Knives by Rick Hinderer

HindererXM24Orange Hinderer3inXM18CF HindereXM18Blk1

XM24, Bead Blast, Spanto

Gen III XM18 3" Custom, Spanto, Carbon Fiber

XM18 3.5" Custom, Spanto, Black G10

Hinderer3.5Custom Hinderer3inXM18BluBlk

XM18 3.5" Custom, Carbon Fiber

Gen III XM18 3", Blue/Black G10

XM18 3.5" Custom, Slicer, Carbon Fiber

Rick Hinderer XM24 Black Rick Hinderer XM24 Brown Ano
Rick Hinderer XM18 Orange Custom

XM24, Spanto, Black G10

XM24 Brown G10

XM18 3.5" Custom, Spanto, Orange G10

Rick Hinderer XM18 BluBlk Rick Hinderer XM18 Blk
Rick Hinderer XM24 Brown

XM18 3.5", Slicer, Blue/Black G10

XM 18 3.5", Slicer, Carbon Fiber

XM24, Brown G10, Bead Blast

Rick Hinderer Custom Recurve Rick Hinderer 3" two color anodized 2

XM18 3.5" Recurve Working Finish

XM18 3", Two Color Anodized, Brown G10


Rick Hinderer Custom XM24 Dagger Grind Rick Hinderer XM24 Black

XM24 Custom, Spear Point, Working Finish

XM24, Black G10, Spanto Blade

Gen I XM18 3.5" Custom, Spanto, Black G10

Rick Hinderer Custom Wharnie Rick Hinderer XM18 3" Blk
Rick Hinderer XM24 Camo

XM18 3", Slicer Grind, Black G10

XM24, Spanto, Camo

XM18 3.5" Custom, Wharnie, Brown G10

Rick Hinderer XM24 OD Green Rick Hinderer Custom XM24 Blue Ano Rick Hinderer XM24 Brown

XM24, OD Green G10

XM24 Custom, Spear Point

XM24, Slicer Grind, Earth Brown

Rick Hinderer XM18 Production Wharnie
Rick Hinderer Orange Wharnie
Rick Hinderer BluBlk G10 Wharnie

XM18 Production Wharnie, 1st Production Run

XM18 Wharnie

XM18 Wharnie

Rick Hinderer XM18 Br G10 DLC
Rick Hinderer XM18 Blu/Blk Slicer bronze/blue ano

Custom XM18 Spearpoint

XM18 DLC coated

XM18 Slicer Bronze Frame, Blue Ano Hardware

Rick Hinderer Blk Eklipse Rick Hinderer OD Green Eklipse Hinderer XM18 Dark Green Skinner



XM18, Skinner Blade

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