Richard Tesarik Custom Knives

Richard is a part time maker from Brno in the Czech Republic. I saw my first Tesarik knife at a show in 2014 on Steve D'lack's table (Steve is the promoter who runs the ECCKS, NYCKS and the TKI shows, he knows his knives), and I had to have it! It is now in my collection. I was determined to find out more about this maker and his knives. I found some information on a couple of forums and I found his website and began communicating with him, I also learned that he would be at his first show in the US, the ECCKS. We arranged to meet and I acquired two more of his knives. I believe once Richard is "discovered" his work will be highly sought after and find its way into many a collection.

Previously Sold Knives by Richard Tesarik

Richard Tesarik Lobster Richard Tesarik Cephalopod Richard_Tesarik_Dagger

White Dagger, Damascus, Mammoth, engraved by Veronika

Lobster, Damascus, Ebony, Mammoth

Cephalopod, Damascus, Silver, Ebony

Richard Tesarik_Silver Magnolia
Richard_Tesarik_Black&White Richard Tesarik_Art Folder

Silver Magnolia

Black & White, Damascus, Ebony & Mammoth

Art Folder Mosaic Damascus, Ebony, Mammoth & Burl

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