R J Martin Custom Knives

R J Martin made his first custom knife in 1976, as a teenager. Here, in his own words, is how it all started; “Being an avid fisherman, I loved to read the outdoor magazines, and the pictures in a Sports Afield article about Bob Dozier, peaked my interest. Those dropped hunters were beautiful! My father was an artist, and, I had already built fishing rods, lures, flies, and archery equipment, so I decided to build my first knife. It came out pretty well, and, the next was even better. You know the rest-I was hooked. But, it got better from there”.

R J has an engineering background. He graduated from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute with a BS in Materials Engineering. He became an Airframe Designer with Sikorsky. Through 17 years of very technical design work R J continued making knives part time. In 2001 he retired from his aircraft design work to become a full-time knife maker. R J has won numerous awards including multiple repeat wins of Best Tactical Folder at the Blade Show, his knives sell out via lottery at all the shows he attends.

Previously Sold Knives by R J Martin

MartinStagOverkill1 MartinQ36 MartinOverkill

Overkill, Rob Thomas Damascus, Stag Inlay

Q36, Devon Thomas Damascus, Timascus and Carbon Fiber

Overkill, Decorated Titanium Handle

MartinOrgHavoc MartinMammoth MartinHavocBlk

Havoc, Orange Canvas G10

Overkill, Mammoth Inlay

Havoc, Black G10 Overlay

R J Martin BD30P Overkill R J Martin Devastator R J Martin Grooved Mammoth Modulater

Overkill, Mammoth Tooth Inlay

Devastator, Black G10

Modulator, Grooved Mammoth Inlay

R J Martin Mammoth Modulater R J Martin MOP Modulator R J Martin Modulator

Modulator, Smooth Mammoth Inlay

Modulator, Mother of Pearl Inlay

Modulator, Grey Matter Finish

martin_stag1 MartinHavoc1 MartinDamascusMammoth

Q36, Damascus, Stag

Havoc, OD Green Canvas Micarta

Overkill, Thomas Typhoon Damascus, Mammoth Inlay

R J Martin Overkill Mammoth MartinHavocBlkTan1 R J Martin Overkill XHP

Overkill, Mammoth Inlay

Havoc, Black & Grey Canvas Micarta

Overkill, Mammoth Tooth Inlay

R J Martin Q36 CF R J Martin Stag Overkill R J Martin Fixed Blade

Q36, Orange Peel Ti Bolster, Groved Carbo Fiber Scales

Overkill, Stag Inlay

Kozuka, W2, Black Ray Skin & Black Leather

R J Martin Superconductor Overkill R J Martin Q36 Superconducter LSCF
R J Martin CF Overkill

Overkill, Superconductor Inlay

Q36, Super Conductor & LSCF

Overkill, Carbon Fiber Inlay

R J Martin Zirc & Koa
R J Martin Zirc & Mammoth R J Martin Avenger

Q36, Zirconium bolsters and Koa Wood Scales

Q36, Zirconium bolsters and Mammoth Scales

Avenger, Blue G10

R J Martin Kozuka
R J Martin Q36 Stag R J Martin Avenger

Kozuka Neck Knife

Q36, Stag

Avenger, Black G10

R J Martin Devastator
R J Martin Moxie R J Martin Pivotless Devastator Slim




RJ Martin_Devestartor_Slim RJ Martim_Uberstrator_Devestator
R J Martin_Overkill_Electric Blue CF

Devastator Slim


Overkill, Electric Blue CF Inlay

R J Martin_Q36_Electric Blue CF R J Martin_Q36_Zirc_LSCF
R J Martin_Q36_Elec Blue CF_Blue Ano

Q36, Blue Ano & Electric Blue CF

Q36, Zirc & LSCF

Q36, Blue Ano & Electric Blue CF

R J Martin_Q36_Superconducter_LSCF item4b7a1a1b1c

Q36, Superconductor, LSCF & SM100 Blade

Overkill engraved by Riccardo

item4b7a1a1b1c1 item4b7a1a1b1c2
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