Ron Lake - Mini

Status - Available

Price: $ 16,000... + shipping

This is a Ron Lake Mini, which, according to Ron, a very few of which were made, perhaos 5 or 6 . This knife features a blade of ATS-34 steel with a superb hand rubbed satin finish, the classic lake Tail Lock, presentation grade Sambar Stag inlays, rose gold pins, rose gold escutcheon and a rose gold bail. Something else special about this knife, the gold pins have been engraved by Tim Georgel This is the only knife Ron ever had engraved and made available for sale. Additionally Ron told me this was an AKI knife (he forgets the year so I'm going to try to find someone with old catalogs to research it). Fit and finish is superb as is expected on a Lake knife.

Ron Lake is a living legend within the custom knife world. He is not only the originator of the Inter-frame folding knife, but he is one of the most accomplished makers of custom knives period. His knives are in the finest knife collections in the world.

blade length: 2 1/4" .................................. closed 9including bail): 3" ............................... overall: 5 1/4'

case/sheath; Lake leather and suede lined pouch

Ron Lake_Millennium_Stag_Rose Gold
Ron Lake_Millennium_Stag_Rose Gold 2
Ron Lake_Millennium_Stag_Rose Gold 3
Ron Lake_Millennium_Stag_Rose Gold 4
Ron Lake_Millennium_Stag_Rose Gold 5
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