Salvatore Puddu - Dagger Valerio Peli - Engraver

Status - Sold

This is a "Top of the Food Chain" Lock Back Dagger is from Salvatore Puddu with engraving by Valerio Peli. This outstanding work of art features presentation quilted Mother of Pearl inlays with pink 10kt gold pique (38 pins per side), the RWL34 blade is finished with a mirror polish, the frame is 416 stainless and the liners are filed worked nickel silver plated in 24kt gold, the gold bail is also filed worked, the lock is 10kt gold. The masterful engraving is by Valerio Peli of the famous Creative Arts group of Italy is complimented with inlays of yellow, pink and green gold. The many talented Italian knife makers of the Italian Cutlers Guild (C.I.C. Corporazione Italiana Coltellinai) have gained tremendous recognition and acclaim in the "New World" for their fresh and appealing designs. This is another masterpiece from one of those elite Italian knife making superstars and an outstanding engraver. This will make an outstanding addition to any collection.

blade lengths: 3 3/4" ................................ closed (including bail): 5 1/8" ..................... overall : 8 78"

case/sheath; exotic skin pouch

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