Scott Sawby Custom Knives

Scott, who has a Master Degree in Biology, started making knives as a hobby in 1970. When he started making knives it was difficult as there were no books on knife making and very few makers around who could give advise. Scott’s mentor was Bernard Sparks, one of the founding members of the Guild. In 1976, along with Steve Mullin, Scott became a professional knife maker. His first shop was built of logs. Scott makes beautiful knives, mostly folders and is known for his lapidary skills, he makes extensive use of stones as inlays. Besides knives Scotts other interests are hunting, fishing, and flying. His wife Marian is a full time engraver and does many of Scotts knives. Scott is an is an Ornithologist and names his knife models after birds.

Previously Sold Knives by Scott Sawby

sawby_mammoth1 sawby_sawby_swift1 SawbyCover1

Swift, Swift & Chinese Junk Engraving by Marion Sawby

Swift, Mammoth Engraving by Marion Sawby, Mammoth Scales

Tanager, Sun & Moon Engraving by Ray Cover, Black Lip Pearl

SawbyCoverBuckRogers1 SawbyJadeKilldeer SawbyJollyRoger

Kingfisher, Buck Rogers by Ray Cover, Sci-Fi Jasper

Killdeer, MOP & Black Edwards Jade

CU Jolly Roger Engraving by Jon Robyn, Carbon Fiber Scales

SawbyRobynSerpent1 SawbyKittiwake sawby_cu_cf1

Swift, Serpents Engraving by Jon Robyn, Belsbok Horn Scales

Kittiwake, Mother of Pearl and Mexican Fire Agate

CU, Damascus Blade, Carbon Fiber Scales

Scott Sawby Buttonlock Kittiwake Scott Sawby CU Robyn Aftermath Engraving SawbyRobynDevil1

Kittiwake Button lock, MOP & Morrisonite

CU Aftermath Engraving by Jon Robyn, Carbon Fiber

CU Devil's EDC Engraving by Jon Robyn, Carbon Fiber Scales

Scott Sawby Stag Cowboy CU Scott Sawby Sun&Moon Ray Cover Engraver Scott Sawby Killdeer Ray Cover engraved

CU Cowboy & Indian Engraving by Jon Robyn, Stag

Small Swift, Sun & Moon Engraving by Ray Cover, MOP

Killdeer, Petrified Oak & Red Mexican Agate, Engraved byRay Cover

Scott Sawby Aftermath I Engraved by Jon Robyn Scott Sawby Aftermath II Engraved by Jon Robyn Scott Sawby Stag Buttonlock

Aftermath I Engraving by Jon Robyn, Damascus & LSCF

Aftermath II, CU, Engraved by Jon Robyn, LSCF

Stag Button Lock

Scott Sawby Murrelet engraved by Joe Mason Scott Sawby small carbon fiber CU Scott Sawby CU Stag

Murrelet Engraved by Joe Mason

small CU Damascus Bolsters & Pocket Clip

CU, Stag

Scott Sawby Damascus CU
Scott Sawby CU Scott Sawby Ironwood CU

CU, Lighting Strike Carbon Fiber

CU, Ironwood

CU, Damascus & LSCF

Scott Sawby Jungle engraving by Ray Cover Scott Sawby Kittiwake Scott Sawby Swift engraved by Joe Mason

Swift, Green Jade and Cover Engraving

Kittiwake, MOP and Mexican Fire Agate

Swift, Black Edwards Jade and Mason Engraving

Scott Sawby Cat and the Canary Jon Robyn engraver Scott Sawby Damascus Electric Blue CU Scott Sawby Electric Blue CU

Swift, Cat & Canary by Jon Robyn, Black Edwards Jade

CU, Damascus and Electric Blue Carbon Fiber

CU, Electric Blue Carbon Fiber

ScottSawby_Avocet_JonRobyn_BirdBeeEngraving ScottSawby_Swift_TimAdlam_Engraved item4b7a2a1

Avocet, Engraved by Jon Robyn

Swift, Engraved by Tim Adlam

item4b7a3a1 item4b7a1a1a item4b7a2a1a
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