S R Johnson Custom Knives

Steve completed his first knife in 1966. Interestingly, Steve had Gil Hibben as his Boy Scout Explorer Advisor and Gil gave each scout the opportunity to make a knife. For Steve the "project" evolved into part-time and then full-time work. Steve also worked with other knife makers such as Harvey Draper, Rod Chappel, Buster Warenski and, as most in the business know, Bob Loveless. Bob's influence on Steve's knives is obvious and any Loveless style knife made by S R Johnson is a highly collectible. Steve has become a star in the world of fixed blade knives.

Previously Sold Knives by S R Johnson

JohnsonArcherChute SRJohnsonDeerHunter johnson_sheephorn1_2

Archer Chute, Amber Stag

Deer Hunter, Garbo Scrim, Ray Cover Engraved

Bill's Drop w/Big Horn Sheep Handles

JohnsonSheephornFighter1 item4a1 item4a2

Loveless Style Fighter w/Big Horn Sheep Handles

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