Tim Hancock & Larry Fuegen - Angel Basin Bowie

Status - Sold

Larry Fuegen and Tim Hancock Collaboration, the only knife collaboration they have ever done. This Bowie knife was made as a raffle fund raiser for the Custom Knife Collectors Association in 2012 to Benefit Cancer Research. Tim designed the knife and made the Damascus blade incorporating some iron he found in the Superstition Mountains. Larry did the guard, spacer, handle and pommel all of which are carved and/or engraved by him. The handle, carved by Larry, is Mesquite which came from the Superstition Mountains, the ferrule is 14kt Gold. Their names are engraved in Gold by Tim on the top of the blade. Larry also made the tooled and overlaid leather sheath.

blade length: 8 1/4" .............................................. handle: 5" .......................................... overall: 13 1/4"

case/sheath; sheath as pictured and a zippered pouch

The Superstition Mountains, some back story; There is said to be a Lost treasure in the Superstition Mountains of Arizona, the Lost Dutchman Mine. Many have searched in vain trying to locate it, including Tim and Larry. Below is information on the history and inspiration for the Angel Basin Bowie as told by Tim.

From Tim Hancock:

"The Bowie that we are making is a part of what I call my Sister Bowies all of them have some form or old relic Iron that I picked up on one of my excursions. There has been the Flagstaff Bowie, Tombstone Bowie, Superstition Bowie the Reavis Ranch Bowie and now The Angel Basin Bowie.

Angle Basin is one of the most beautiful locations in the Superstition Mountains. A few years ago Larry I mounted up and packed back in to Angel Basin and had a fantastic time. We were attempting to clear an old trail that headed up a canyon north of the Basin. It was more than we could accomplish and quite a dangerous trip in many ways. At one time while cutting trees from a portion of the trail on a very steep section of the canyon wall one of my mules decided to head back down the trail and made a u turn on what was about like a goat trail so narrow that we opted to not tie her up due to the difficulty of getting past the animals ahead of her. At any rate she set off a chain reaction.

Larry's Paint Horse spun around on a large bolder and came crashing down on his belly just as Larry slipped past him to catch retreating mule. About the same time I snapped a dry limb and a portion of it shot out and impaled me under my chin like an arrow from a bow. Thankfully none of the stock fell of our precarious perch and I only bled for a while.

We called it a day and headed to a different area to explore some Sinagua Indian dwellings, to complete the excitement Larry caught his gloved thumb cutting him quite deep on branch he was pushing out of his way as we rode up an over grown rocky crag of a trail heading home. It was a grand trip! And now from it comes The Angel Basin Bowie!!!"

Tim Hancock Larry Fuegen_ Collab Bowie
Tim Hancock Larry Fuegen_ Collab Bowie 2
Tim Hancock Larry Fuegen_ Collab Bowie 3
Tim Hancock Larry Fuegen_ Collab Bowie 4
Tim Hancock Larry Fuegen_ Collab Bowie 5
Tim Hancock Larry Fuegen_ Collab Bowie 7
Tim Hancock Larry Fuegen_ Collab Bowie 6
Tim Hancock Larry Fuegen_ Collab Bowie 8
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