Tom Overeynder Custom Knives

Tom began making knives in 1977. He was inspired after having seen a couple handmade knives his father-in-law, a master tool and die maker, had made. He made some folders as Christmas gifts to family members. Tom began researching custom knives and learned there was a collector market. He began designing, making, and selling his knives which have remained in demand ever since. After retiring from a 36-year career in the aircraft industry in December 2001, Tom went full time as a knife maker.

Tom specializes in collector grade folders, but also makes an occasional bowies, chute knives, etc. He uses all top grade steels as well as Damascus and prefers stable handle materials such as mother of pearl, minerals and jigged bone. Tom is a multi-award winning knifemaker with a long waiting list. His fit and finish is second to none. You will never be disappointed with a Tom Overeynder knife.

Previously Sold Knives by Tom Overeynder

Overeynder Herman1 OvereynderCai1

Model 7, tim Herman Engraving, Black Lip

Dagger Neptune's Rule Engraving by C J Cai, Lapis Inlay

Dagger, Charoite Inlay

OvereynderGoldScroll OvereynderCoverDinosaur1 OvereynderRobynDeco1

Dinosaurs Engraved by Ray Cover, Petrified Dinosaur Bone, Reitveld Snakeskin Damascus

Dagger, Deschutes Jasper Inlay, Engraved in Gold by Joe Mason

Art Deco Dagger, Jon Robyn Engraver, Black Lip Pearl

OvereynderSimmons Tom Overeynder Orient engraved by Jon Robyn Tom Overeynder dagger Joe Mason engraved

Dagger, Norris Damascus, Rick Simmons Engraving, MOP

Allure of the Orient Engraving by Jon Robyn, Blue Biggs Jasper

Dagger Gold Scroll Engraving by Joe Mason, Gold Lip Pearl

Tom Overeynder Deep Sea C J Cai Engraved Tom Overeynder Deck of Cards engraved by Tim Adlam Tom Overeynder Great Birds engraved by Lisa Tomlin

"Deep Sea" Engraved by C J Cai, Lapis Inlay

"Deck of Cards" Engraved by Tim Adlam, Deschutes Jasper Inlay

"Great Birds" Engraved by Lisa Tomlin

Tom Overeynder Under the Sea II engraved by C J Cai Tom Overeynder Pirates engraved by C J Cai Tom Overeynder_Troy_engraved by C J Cai

"Under the Sea II" Lapis Inlay Engraving by C J Cai

"Pirates" Engraved by C J Cai

"Troy" Engraved by C J Cai

Tom Overeynder_Neptune and Mermaid_ engraved by C J Cai
Tom Overeynder folder Nathan Dickinson engraver Tom Overeynder_Naughty Girls_Jon Robyn Engraver

Neptune & Mermaid Engraved by C J Cai

Model 7 with Mammoth and Nathan Dickinson Engraving

"Naughty Girls" Double Pocket Locket engraved by Jon Robyn

item4b2a1b3b item4b2a1b3c
Tom Overeynder Dagger Julie Warenski Engraver

Dagger engraved by Julie Warenski

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