Tony Metsala Custom Knives

Tony is a part time maker and better known in the knife world for his Damascus which he supplies to others. His work is very creative and he uses the best materials he can find for the knives he creates for himself.

Previously Sold Knives by Tony Metsala

Tony Metsala Dbl Bolstered Flipper Tony Metsala Flipper Tony Metsala Tactical

One-of Flipper w/Tony's Own Damascus, Mammoth

One-of Flipper w/Tony's Own Damascus, Mammoth

One-of tactical, Damascus and LSCF

Tony Metsala Tactical Anthony Metsala San Mai Folder Anthony Metsala Art Knife

One-of Tactical, Damascus Blade and LSCF

One-of Tactical, Tony's San Mai & Carbon Fiber

One-of Art Knife, San Mai, Mosaic Damascus and Stag

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