Warren Osborne - Amalfi #2

Jon Robyn - Engraver

Status - Available

Price: $ 6750 ...+ shipping

This rare beauty is titled Amalfi #2, the original, which is in my personal collection, was inspired by a family trip to Italy . Over the years several people have asked me to sell the original and I have always refused, this piece is now available. The knife is Warren's model 38 folder featuring a blade of Mike Norris Bent Lightning Damascus, a 416 stainless steel frame and inlays of Mother of Pearl and oval inlays of the very rare "Cloud of the Andes" Jasper. The engraved scene with gold and copper inlay is as follows; on the display side front bolster is a women, being viewed through binoculars, (you can see the dark outline of the binoculars field of view surrounding the sunbather) while sunbathing under a red umbrella. The red shade, thrown from the red umbrella can be seen behind the sunbather. The rear bolster is the Hotel Marina Riviera (were we stayed during our visit) which overlooks Amalfi's beach were the women is sunbathing. If you look to the beach below the hotel you will see the red umbrella. On the back side of the knife, the front bolster scene, is the beach as seen from our room in the hotel, again, notice the red umbrella. On the rear bolster is a gentleman, with binoculars, on a balcony of the hotel viewing the beach were he spots the sunbather. A wonderful piece with a great back story, make it yours!

blade length: 3 3/8" ........................................... closed: 4 3/8" ......................................... overall: 7 3/4"

case/sheath: Bills Custom hook & loop


Below, on the left, actual photo of the view from the Hotel Marina Riviera to the beach in Amalfi, Italy & to the right, actual photo of the view from the beach in Amalfi, Italy to the Hotel Marina Rivera

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